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My Meditation

Inspired by nature, I love distilling details down into the striking, monochromatic silhouette that draws you in with its bold simplicity.


It becomes an intricate network of connections that amplifies in a flow state as you

take in all the details.


Creating those details is my meditation- concentrating on one cut at a time while keeping a grasp of the whole. It creates an intense focus while clearing my mind.


It's simple yet challenging in a harmonious way that makes me slow down, forget time, and float along with the gliding blade.

I stumbled into the art of papercutting quite unexpectedly while trying to create something to include in an employee art show at the local market I worked at back in 2008.


I was about to withdraw completely because I had no idea where to go next with the tree I'd been sketching on a black piece of paper. It'd been stagnant for a couple of weeks and the show was fast approaching.

C 648.2 KB - Corie Mae Dark and Bare papercut.jpeg

How I Got Started

One morning, as I stared at it from across the room, the rising sun hit the pencil strokes in just a way that made them shine.  As the silhouette jumped off the paper, the concept of cutting out the negative space that was in the void became the obvious next step. 


60 hours of cutting later, Bare was done and I was in love with the process. Ever since I’ve been practicing my creativity through this expression.

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